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Silence can be deafening.....
however if you can be still and listen......
You will find the beauty that surrounds you, in Sight and Sounds and Touching..... yes even touching.
Perhaps we may have put things aside for some time or just do things seasonal.
Like Watching a sunrise and the sunset from a different spot in our neighborhood or window and Listening to the sound of the wind and the morning sounds of nature, birds that sing and there are so many different tunes, its as if a Shel Silverstein books came to life in my backyard.
And there is something to be said for the wallowing in the dirt and watching flowers and food grow with the use of your Hands and knowing that just maybe they are summoned by the sounds that surround them...the birds and wildlife and the rustling of the wind and even they are touched by the wind and rain and all the elements like the sun and snow yet they still thrive and grow and give us hope and a sense of renewal.
Everyone is talking about the suffering and isolation that we have been enduring for months, lives have been taken known and unknown people or have been just terribly ill.
I just want the message to be today that Silence is not always silent... it can be reflective and calming and we still have voices to sing with to talk softly to we have ears to hear the most beautiful sounds of nature and the voices of our loved ones and we have hands and hearts that touch the very souls around us and all the creations we are involved in and connected to.
So lets be patient and lets create better spaces and stronger bodies and lush gardens and famous paintings and soulful music. Read more about a craft or learn something new maybe even teach with a different style.
Let this silence be the noise we will need later in the upcoming months, because we want our voices to be heard and we want to see a difference and we want to touch the lives around us.
Let us hope for life and when life comes to an end it will be like ripening fruit falling from a tree.
I truly miss working with everyone but know there is a light to follow and more stories to share and I hope for wellness to all and laughter and togetherness.
Let's be mindful of our health and others there will be changes and lets protect each other and honor each other and ourselves during this time of Silence.
True Love & Wellness to All
from Michele's Massage Studio

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